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Q: What Is Chiropractic?

A: Chiropractic is the science which concerns itself with the relationship between structure, primarily the spine, and function, which is the nervous system of the human body, as that relationship may affect the restoration and preservation of health.

Q: After An Auto Accident, When Should I Consult A Chiropractor?

A: The serious and costly damages not always result in immediate pains or hemorrhage of blood. Aside from the dramatic injuries that demand surgery or hospitalization, it's possible that other serious and costly injuries result from automobile accidents. A complete medical examination by a chiropractor is a wise precaution to determine the presence or absence of "hidden" damages.

The chiropractor doctors are specialists on detecting and treating an ample variety of injuries of muscles, spine, nerves and other related structures.

The medical and car insurances normally pay the exam and chiropractor treatment. It's convenient to go over your policies to know if the chiropractic coverage might be yours when you need it. If your insurance does not cover the chiropractor, we suggest that you change it, if possible, to one the will cover you. Inform your company of your wishes.

Q: What Is Whiplash?

A: The most common victim is a driver or a passenger in an auto collision. The jolt causes his/her head to pop back and forth in a whip-like motion. To better explain, you have seven vertebrae - seven small, movable bones stacked one atop the other - in your neck, supported solely by muscles and ligaments. They serve as a flexible pedestal for your head.

Whiplash can cause those vertebrae to sort of pull apart or subluxate; the muscles and ligaments try to pull them back together, but not necessarily to their normal position.

Q: Can I Get A Whiplash Besides From An Auto Accident?

A: Yes. Whiplash can come from causes other than automobile crashes. You may step off a curb, turn an ankle, and perform your own whiplash. Please take heed, after any mishap - or when you experience any symptoms that could be a result of whiplash - check with your physician or chiropractor as soon as possible for a diagnostic and begin your recovery.

Q: What Are The Treatments For A Whiplash?

A: Chiropractors are specially trained, by years in college, to locate spinal misalignment. They are experts in delivering the exact, specific adjustment needed to restore proper alignment and free the nerves that may also be affected. They do it gently so that you may only feel, if any, a mild and slight discomfort.

These adjustments release nerve pressure or irritation, and allow nature to restore normal nerve transmission to all parts of the body.